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Rosita's Cocina

About us

Crack signature Mexican recipes at Rosita's Cocina. For all the aspiring kitchen experts, we are offering group cooking classes and individual cooking classes.

Rosita's Cocina is a place where you can enjoy authentic Mexican food, learn new cooking skills, and have your event catered, all under one roof! Moreover, Our DIY food kits will make your culinary time a thrilling and enjoyable endeavor.

About Chef

Born and raised in Mexico, I have always enjoyed cooking and started spending my time in the kitchen once I turned seven. Helping my family this young has not only polished my skills but has also flared my passion for cooking. When I came to the US, I brought all my grandmother's treasures - her priceless recipes - along with the improvisations of my mom and aunt and a few of my personal favorite recipes from the neighbors I grew up with, which I practice here from time to time.

Featuring Mexican Cuisine

Our aim at Rosita's Cocina is to promote the traditional Mexican food culture for not only Mexican natives but also to share our traditions with other cultures. To facilitate this plan, we are offering cooking classes and catering events, where we share a stack of traditional Mexican recipes that Mexican kitchen experts have handed down from one generation to the next. Each signature recipe is nourished with healthy ingredients and enriched with scrumptious blended flavors that will never fail to titillate your taste buds.

Rosita's Cocina is a Mexican-inspired food brand that is just too good to give up. so learn all about our traditional dishes and let your kitchen be infused with the delicious Mexican aroma. For a quick fix, you can also get our sizzling Mexican food right at your doorstep at economical rates.