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From Truly Yours- Mexican Chef/ Life is Too Short for Boring FoodIndulge your taste buds in authentic Mexican cuisines, signature recipes, and original flavors.

Welcome to Rosita’s Cocina

Getting traditional Mexican food in any other part of the globe has been hailed as a luxury, especially if you were raised in a Mexican household, eating Mexican food. At Rosita’s Cocina, we solve this dilemma for you, bringing original recipes and seasonal specials from Mexican households based on the freshest ingredients.

Rosita’s Cocina offers a dining experience centered on exquisite, royal, and traditional Mexican dishes. We fixate our attention on foodies, who enjoy the sizzling, spicy flavors and strive to bring authentic Mexican cuisines to their tables that satisfy their spicy cravings.
Master Chef
Rosa Garza - Master Chef

Featuring Mexican Cuisine

Our aim at Rosita’s Cocina is to promote the traditional Mexican food culture for not only Mexican natives but also to share our traditions with other cultures. To facilitate this plan, we are offering; cooking classes, Mexican food tours, and catering events where we share and prepare a stack of traditional Mexican recipes. These recipes are handed down by Mexican food experts from one generation to the next. Each signature recipe is nourished with healthy ingredients and enriched with scrumptious blended flavors that will never fail to titillate your taste buds.

Rosita’s Cocina is a Mexican-inspired food brand that is just too good to give up. so learn all about our traditional dishes and let your kitchen be infused with the delicious Mexican aroma. For a quick fix, you can also get our sizzling Mexican food right at your doorstep at economical rates.

Cater Events

If you are planning to organize a Mexican-themed party or Taco party then, do not forget to add signature Mexican cuisine to the event to take it up a notch. We offer catering services along with food delivery for all kinds of occasions with our signature recipes. Add spice to your events by trying new flavors and make them more interesting. Private Catering is ONLY available from May - November.

Cooking Classes

Crack signature Mexican recipes at Rosita’s Cocina. For all the aspiring kitchen experts, we are offering group cooking classes and individual cooking classes. Sign up for the Mexican chef's cooking class today and learn new Mexican recipes. At Home Private Cooking Classes can be booked year-round.

Food Fun

What can reunite buddies if not food? Try our DIY kit with our sugar skull and make your quality time filled with food fun and delight. Enjoy making sugar skull art with Artesanías Mexicanas activity, and you can also get your children to join in on the fun too.

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Farmers Market

Newburyport Farmers Market

From May to November every Sunday from 9:00am – 1:00pm

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Tamale Expert

Rosita’s Cocina speciality is Tamale, made with our classic ancestral technique. The Tamale recipe is famous throughout the state, as this flavorful wrap is prepared with signature sauces and savoury ingredients.

Traditional Mesoamerican Dish


Traditional Mesoamerican Dish


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Traditional Mesoamerican Dish


Traditional Mesoamerican Dish


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Taco Party (Taquiza Mexicana)

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Yes, at Rosita’s Cocina, we are offering cooking classes to all age groups. Go to our Cooking Classes page. For more information, you can also drop us a message or give us a quick call.

We offer signature Mexican cuisines adapted from authentic Mexican food culture though our especially is Tamale.

Yes, we do! At Rosita’s Cocina, we cater for customers with bulk food orders.  Go to our Catering page for more information. For this, you may need to place an order at least two days in advance.